O’Hare Limo Services is known as the best and most trustworthy limousine and transportation company in the entire Chicago area. We are promising one of the top Chicago airport limousine transportation services to and from O’Hare international airport and Chicago midway international airport. Our drivers go through rigorous training, background checked, chauffeur licensed and are drug tested.



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A Step By Step Guide To Book A Limo Service

Missing a flight or missing an important meeting is something everyone wants to avoid. Reliable transportation offers comfort and safety for travel. They ensure timely pickups, help with luggage, and provide a stress-free traveling experience. Choosing the right Private Car Service to make the most of this experience is crucial. If you’re new to hiring a car service, follow this guide.

Step 1: Research

Ask friends, co-workers, and acquaintances for private car service suggestions. Check online for companies with high ratings and reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews.

Step 2: Get Quotes

Contact shortlisted companies for quotes and compare them to find options within your budget.

Step 3: Check Credentials

Ensure the limo company is authorized to operate at your location and has liability insurance, licensed drivers, and certifications for commercial operations. Verify if their drivers undergo criminal background checks.

Step 4: Fleet Information

Inquire about the types of luxury vehicles in the company’s fleet. Choose a vehicle that suits your needs, considering passenger capacity and luggage space.

Step 5: Services Inclusions

Clarify the services included in the flat rate for transfers. Ask about additional fees for fuel, waiting time, parking, tolls, and cleaning to avoid unexpected charges.

Step 6: Payment Method and Timing

Determine the payment method the limo company prefers—whether in advance or upon arrival. Clarify if they accept cash, debit, or credit cards.

Step 7: Vehicle Features

Check for features in the limousine, such as Wi-Fi, charging points, refreshments, smart TV, surround sound, and legroom. Confirm which amenities are available in your chosen vehicle.

Step 8: Early Reservation

Book your limo at least two days before your flight to secure your preferred vehicle. Last-minute bookings may limit your choices.

Step 9: Confirm Pickup

Call the limo company a day before your travel to confirm your reservation, avoiding confusion and ensuring a smooth experience.

Step 10: Be Prepared

Know the contact details for complaints or concerns, inquire about the cancellation policy, and keep this information with you during the ride.

Step 11: Verify Details

Upon the driver’s arrival, double-check details provided by the limo company, such as the vehicle’s license plate number, for safety.

Step 12: Tip Your Chauffeur

If satisfied with the service, tip your chauffeur 15-20% of the total fare, ensuring it isn’t already included on the bill, once they drop you at your destination.

Experience unparalleled luxury and reliability with O’Hare Limo Services. Whether you’re catching a flight or returning from the airport, our private car service will pick up at Ohare and ensure a stress-free and comfortable journey. Trust O’Hare Limo Services for a travel experience that combines style, comfort, and efficiency.

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