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Top 2 Reasons For Visiting Chicago

Whether you are a foodie or someone who loves to see beautiful buildings, Chicago is one destination that should be on everyone’s list. If you are still not convinced about visiting Chicago, this blog will change your mind.

How to reach

Before getting down to the top 2 reasons, let’s first see how to reach here. Chicago’s main airport is O’Hare Airport, the 4th busiest airport in the world. During the 60s,60’s it was the first in passenger traffic. It is also one of the best-connected airports in the country, with almost all regional airlines flying to it. It also has a great shopping location within the airport and connectivity to Downtown Chicago. You can find limo service to O’Hare airport as well as subway lines.

Now, Let’s See The Top 2 Reasons For Visiting Chicago

The beautiful architecture

Chicago has some of the most beautiful architecture in the country and the world. Each building in Chicago has its own story to tell, and the historic buildings have retained their charm and beauty. The city is home to the first skyscraper built in 1885, the Home Insurance Building. The city can be called the birthplace of modern American architecture. One of the most famous architects who rebuilt the city after the Great Fire was Frank Lloyd Wright, whose Prairie School architecture is an architectural style that was truly American. One of the last remaining houses designed by Frank Llyod Wright is the Fredrick

C.Robbie House near Hyde Park was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

The gastronomical delights

Whether you love fast food or avant-garde gastronomical delights, Chicago has something for you. Let’s start with Chicago’s most famous fast food: deep-dish pizza. The Chicago-style hot dog and Italian beef sandwich are some other fast foods that have delighted food lovers who visit the city. The city has so much to offer if you are looking for some luxury, such as Michelin-starred dining. Esmé and Ever are famous for their experimental tasting menus and Omakase Yume and Mako for Japanese cuisine. Also, it is the only city in the world with a Filipino Michelin-star restaurant, Kasama.


So, if you have not visited Chicago yet, it is time to start planning for one. And to make the visit even more memorable, don’t forget to hire a limousine to O’Hare when visiting the various sights in Chicago.

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